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November 8, 2009

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October 22, 2009

Home based internet marketing, its advantages in a recession.

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Are we really coming to the end of this recession?

An answer to that could be suggested from an ‘on the surface view’ of what appears to be happening. Let’s take a look, and then you can draw your own conclusion.

  1. House prices are finally starting to rise, albeit modestly.
  2. The financial indices (ftse, Dow, S & P 500) have risen sharply over the last few months.
  3. Companies are reporting profits for their respective businesses.
  4. Company bosses are paying themselves and their top executive’s big bonuses again.

Sounds good right?

Well maybe, or maybe not.  This is how I see it.

House prices going up is a good thing for existing home owners, as eventually their homes may be  back at the prices that they paid for them. House prices historically cycle between boom and bust roughly every nine years.

Once again, those wanting to get onto the housing ladder currently have to find bigger deposits before they apply for a mortgage amongst the shrinking mortgage products available, as the banks are still not willing to lend.  Not good news when traditionally the best investment someone could make is in bricks and mortar.

The financial indices have risen so sharply so quickly that is just not sustainable.  Think of them this way, when you pull on an elastic band it stretches and the quicker and harder you pull on it the weaker it becomes until it eventually snaps or returns to its normal state when you let it go, which hurts your fingers, this is what’s happening to the markets now.  So watch out when they snap back!

Companies reporting profits for their businesses are a smoke screen for the real state of affairs. In my view the reason for the “good news” is purely down to a cost cutting exercise.  So they don’t have to pay out as much as they did before. Unemployment is rising as employees get laid off, and companies consolidate their positions by closing premises, and why?  Because the order books are empty and the sales for their products are down due to increasing manufacturing costs.

As for company bosses and executives getting huge pay outs again, haven’t they learnt yet that the best time to invest in a business is during a recession? It’s the, me, myself, and I mentality. What they should be doing is reinvesting in the people who work for them, simple really.

Company analysts are speculating that we are at the mid.  point of a W shaped recession and that we can expect an increasing number of business failures throughout 2010.  There are similarities here with the recession of the early1980’s. Back to the gloom in the New Year people.

So is there an answer?

Here is an answer and an opportunity for those astute enough to see it.  A drum roll please…. Internet marketing.  A truly recession proof business, that is both global and growing.  Why, because there are no political, economic or territorial boundaries, that is a business for the people.  Its real advantage though is that its primary focus is to provide the average person an opportunity to work from home for himself with like minded people for the benefit of all.  It goes back to the “teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for life” analogy.  We are immune to the affects of the “fat cats” lining their pockets because we work to better others first, from which we benefit in return, as we are not at the mercy of any one person.

For a small investment, the returns are limitless in terms of the financial and emotional gains. We provide products and training that is needed, and we all succeed.  This makes it accessible for most people, especially those who recognise that we as a species are at our most productive and happiest when we help others first.

The corporate world is on the slide again, and so it will go on.  History repeating itself over and over until we realise that there is a better way.  Internet marketing can provide a way out that is fulfilling and sustainable for everyone.

Now before you go charging off into the “make money online, internet marketing” sunset there are a few things you should know about what it takes to build a successful business online, and here is the truth, born from experience!



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